We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the emotional footage captured here at one of our recent wedding shoots. We were honoured to be able to help build some special memories of such a special day!

In this article, we are going to explore how couples wonder whether it’s worth their time having a professional videographer attend their wedding and the reasons why it’s worth the cost.

As there’s so much to pay out for, planning, organisation of venues, dresses, guests list, the work can seem endless! So do you really want something else to have to research, organise and pay for? It might be that a family member has a camcorder already, or you may just think it would be ok to get one of your friends to record it on their phone, or even the fact that one of your friends had a wedding video and it was terrible!

We know you will want to make sure you have a professionally documented film and with The ProMAX blog is a great resource for video professionals so your film of your special day to view with your family, friends, your partner, and even your grandchildren for years to come!

Let’s take a look first at one of the most common things we hear from soon to be newlyweds, on the subject of hiring a professional videographer.

“Thank you for putting together something that will be so special to us all forever. We could not be happier.”

Ceremony – Zonzo
Reception – Zonzo
Photography – Michael Briggs