What is your style ?

It’s a candid very unobtrusive natural documentary style. I dress for the wedding and blend in like a guest shooting with 2 smaller cinema cameras. I make sure I’m never at the front of the ceremony blocking the way of your guests, the handheld approach gives me the flexibility to float around and capture all the memorable moments as they happen. I’m not a string dominant character that takes over your special day. My philosophy is simple I want you guys to enjoy what is one of the most special days of your life with the people that matter – your family and friends ! 

How much deposit is needed to book ?

It’s a $1000 deposit and that locks you in as I only do 1 wedding per calendar day. The balance is then paid whenever you wanted to pay it as long as it its paid before the wedding date. You can also request to pay in installments if that made things any easier. 

What happens after we book ?

You receive a payment confirmation / receipt for your deposit payment along with an email which confirms your booking. Then the next day we will post you a pre-filled in contract which basically just confirms our services and the final package we have to deliver. Look over it, sign and send back to me. We then touch base usually a couple of months before the big day just to touch up on some of the more finer details of your wedding day and some other little things that will help us fine tune your wedding film. But off course if you do have any queries at any stage of the whole process you can always come in, call or email and I will be glad to assist ! 

Do we get to pick the music ?

You sure do ! You may have seen some of my videos have audio snippets over the top and some are only to music, this is totally the couples choice. You can supply me with a favorite song to use , you can leave it up to us and you choose weather you prefer audio from speeches/vows to be incorporated in to the short story edit. Its your film so I want to be your liking. 

How do the number of hours work on the packages ?

Depending on the schedule of your day you pick a block of times you would like me to start and finish. As a hypothetical If you had a 4pm ceremony and you wanted me to start at the ceremony then i would have a 4pm start time. If you wanted me to finish at the conclusion of speeches and lets say this was at 9pm, then you would only need to book 5 hours. If you wanted your preparations captured you might want to allow say a 2pm start to capture both the groom and bride. So this would then mean you need a 7 hour booking. That 7 hour booking will mean I would capture everything from preparations to all of your reception formalities. Also remember I offer 1 hour of service for free to help with your wedding budget 🙂 

How long have you been doing this for  ?

I am a film graduate from highly accredited schools in Australia. In 2004 I graduated from Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and then took additional studies in cinematography at AFTRS in Sydney. So about 13 years film making experience and about 6 years in the wedding industry. 


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Artistic Films is a premium wedding videography service which is at the forefront of being able to capture stunning visual imagery without having the need to interfere with the days schedule.

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