Handcrafted Stories





+ One Cinematographer with a Two Camera Setup

+ Shooting with 4K cinematic cameras + high quality lapel audio. ( 4K is twice the quality of High Definition)


+ You determine my start and finish times depending on what you would like captured. It has to be a minimum of 4 hours and can only be a maximum of 12 hours.


+ A FULL LENGTH VIDEO – This is the edited full video of your wedding day. It comes as one watchable file containing the original audio of the day + a full colour grade to give it that film like polish. Ceremony, reception introductions, speeches, first dance and family dances are all captured in full. We can even provide the files broken up like chapters as “preparations” and “ceremony” and “speeches” and so on. This video ranges from 1.5 hours to about 3 hours depending on how long you book me for and how long certain formalities go for.

+ A SHORT STORY EDIT – Our signature cinematic video. A captivating and moving edit which encapsulates the honesty of the day. Edited to timeless music or snippets of audio throughout the day giving it that real personal touch. This video ranges from 3-5 minutes.

+ AN INSTAGRAM TRAILER – Instagram only has a 1 minute video limit, so you will get a 1 minute version of your short story edit so you can share it to family and friends on your instagram account. This video is 1 minute long. 

* Please note all supplied video files can be uploaded without any copyright or limit issues to all social media platforms. 


+ A rustic memento box which contains your wooden engraved USB with all the above videos in high definition for you to watch upload or share with family and friends. We also include a small box of goodies containing local organic and yummy products for you to indulge in. 

+ A digital link of your short story for you to privately access at all times. You will be able to watch and share your video with anyone via any device at any given time.


  • 4 HOUR PACKAGE ( +1 free )
  • $2700

    Inc GST= 5 hours
  • 6 HOUR PACKAGE ( +1 free )
  • $3250

    Inc GST= 7 Hours
  • 8 HOUR PACKAGE ( +1 free )
  • $3800

    Inc GST= 9 HOURS
  • 10 HOUR PACKAGE ( +1 free )
  • $4350

    Inc GST=11 HOURS


A few things that may tickle your fancy


    Spoken words bottled forever

    A unique idea where we pick a nice spot in your reception venue and setup a small video message booth. A camera, a video booth board and our videographer who mans the station, serves as a great pitstop place for friends and family to pop by and leave whatever message they desire. Think of a guest book but a video version, from the fun and quirky to the sentimental this is something great to have and something that can be treasured for a long time. Watch the video on the right for an example from a recent wedding. 

    4 hour period maximum


    No extra cost. Only used if weather, venue + time permits.

    The landscape in which you get married in has as much to do with the story as all the other important elements of your day. We dont charge extra footage for drone footage and there is no certainty it will be used, but if you have chosen a ceremony or reception location where drone footage would be great than most likely this is when it will be used. This is off course if weather, venue and time permits ! As i offer a personal non obtrusive service i usually will use it during a small window of time where i have a little free time.



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    Artistic Films is a premium wedding videography service which is at the forefront of being able to capture stunning visual imagery without having the need to interfere with the days schedule.

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