We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the emotional footage captured here at one of our recent wedding shoots. We were honoured to be able to help build some special memories of such a special day!

In this article, we are going to explore how couples wonder whether it’s worth their time having a professional videographer attend their wedding and the reasons why it’s worth the cost. 

As there’s so much to pay out for, planning, organisation of venues, dresses, guests list, the work can seem endless! So do you really want something else to have to research, organise and pay for? It might be that a family member has a camcorder already, or you may just think it would be ok to get one of your friends to record it on their phone, or even the fact that one of your friends had a wedding video and it was terrible! 

Let’s look below at the short answer as to why having a wedding video will be one of the best decisions you can make when deciding on your wedding celebrations and explore a few of the misconceptions around wedding videos.

Why should I hire a professional wedding videographer? The wedding day is such an important day in a couple’s life, it is essential to capture the main points of the day for many reasons. Hiring a professional videographer will ensure you have quality footage to look back on for many years to come. Photographs fade, but a wedding video last’s a lifetime

As we spend much of our time getting to know happy couples at wedding fayres and other wedding promotional events, we’ve decided to put together a list of many of the most common misconceptions and barriers couples have when deciding to choose to hire a wedding videographer. 

We know you will want to make sure you have a professionally documented film of your special day to view with your family, friends, your partner, and even your grandchildren for years to come! 

Let’s take a look first at one of the most common things we hear from soon to be newlyweds, on the subject of hiring a professional videographer. 

I am having a photographer

Having a professional photographer is a very important part of your wedding ceremony and no wedding would be complete without some awesome, clear and beautiful photographs of the special moments of your ceremony. Hiring a professional videographer will bring a totally different, living, breathing dimension to the events of the day. 

They will be able to capture moments such as when the bride’s father glimpses his daughter for the first time, or those precious moments at the altar when sharing wedding vows and even be able to capture the movement and emotion of a first dance, in a way photographs just aren’t able to! 

The atmosphere and the sounds of your special day will be captured forever. Both mediums offer two very different experiences and complement each other perfectly! A professionally shot wedding video is essential to ensure you never forget your wonderful day. 

Hiring a professional videographer will bring a totally different, living, breathing dimension to the events of the day.

Now that we’ve seen that a moving image of your celebration is unparalleled in providing a lasting memory of your day, let’s look at another common reason many couples may think a wedding video is not for them. The cost! 

Wedding videos are too expensive. According to an article by Marie Claire magazine, the average cost of a wedding in Australia in 2018 is $50k.

With so many things to buy for your wedding, including venues, dresses, suits and also the huge cost of a wedding venue, it’s not surprising that most couples’ budgets will be maxed out.

Flowers that have such a high price tag, but often end up passed around amongst guests at the end of the evening, wedding dresses that will be hidden away in a corner of your wardrobe, suits which will have to be returned to the hiring company, with her little to show for the high outlay and the list goes on of expensive items which are a ‘one day only’ purchase.

Having a professionally shot wedding video will create a wonderful, live-action memory of your day. It will last forever, bringing you, your husband or wife and your loved ones pleasure for years to come.  A wedding video will also remind you of moments that you may forget over the course of time and more importantly allow you to see special moments of your own wedding you may not have been available to see on the day!. 

Many families often gave an amateur video enthusiast willing to shoot a happy couple’s wedding, but let’s take a look below as to why it’s not a good idea. 

My cousin has a camcorder!

One of the most important reasons it may not be a good idea to ask one of your guests to shoot your wedding video, is that rather than catching up with family members not seen in a while, enjoying a glass of champagne and watching your wedding day story unfold, your family member or friend is likely to miss out on these important activities. 

Another huge reason for thinking twice about using a guest to video your wedding is that however skilled he may be, the most well-meaning enthusiasts will most probably lack the expertise and knowledge required to shoot an entire wedding and the important events of the day. 

Making sure you hire a credible, experienced videographer will ensure steady shots without a home video style shaky imagery. Images will be crystal clear, bright and sharp and far superior to any amateur production.

Amateur videographers may also only have limited knowledge of how to work with inadequate lighting, how to make the usually quietly spoken wedding vows appear loud enough to be clearly heard on the final edit and most importantly they may not have the skills to produce a well polished and edited finished production. 

Professional wedding videos are usually filmed using more than one camera, to give a professional production, with camera angles and other techniques used which make the finished product interesting to view. Music is also added to enhance the wedding shoot and the overall finished article will appear like a well produced TV program! 

We often hear that wedding videos can look very dated, old fashioned and simply bad quality! So let’s have a look at the above wedding video and find out how technology has moved on. 

Aren’t wedding videos old fashioned and bad quality?

If you’ve watched a wedding video recorded some years ago, maybe one of a friend or relative, you may be left with the impression that the quality is poor and can appear like some kind of relic from the ’80s! 

Videos that are made with older recording equipment can produce images of fairly low quality, often appearing blurry and out of focus, usually with accompanying the poor sound. 

Technology moves at such a fast pace that even recent wedding videos can look a little dated. A professional videographer will be up to speed with all the latest technology and any new, improved techniques. The wedding video at the top of this blog is an example of our work, I think you’ll agree it’s a world away from what many would perceive a wedding video to look like…

The final edit will have finely tuned and high definition, excellent sound quality due to the technology available in the latest microphones and he will also be fully experienced to know how to get the most out of them, helping to create your very own professionally recorded romantic story of your special day. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed the above article and that has helped you and your partner make the all-important decision to hire a professional videographer to create a lasting memory of your special day. We look forward to having a cup of coffee, Skype or a phone call with you to discuss the next steps or email us, and we will look forward to getting to know you both as a couple and help you to create your own romantic and magical story. 



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